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The Restaurant

Inspired by New York City, Crafted by Peter Zwiener is a Casual Upscale Concept that features classic, refined wood grains, and sophisticated palettes of turquoise, red, and neon lights. Offering unrivaled farm-to-table dishes, draught beer and cocktails - located in the downtown Singapore City Center, near Marina Bay and the Central Business District. 

Our Kitchen

Refresh Your Senses at Crafted with

Farm-to-Table Goodness.

Crafted takes a fresh approach to nature and replaces oven, fast food and 'mom and pop' restaurants. Factory farms replaced and dining in means spending intimate time with your family and community.

Real foods are harvested, hunted, fished, or gathered from nature's bounty. Our culinary team possesses extensive knowledge of food sources, ensuring that your meal is crafted with care and expertise.

Whether you fancy a salad, steak, or a burger, you can take comfort knowing that your meal's not pumped with harmful chemicals, dyes and instead made with the freshest produce.

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